Tujuan Komunikatifnya: menerangkan proses-proses yang terjadi dalam pembentukan atau kegiatan yang terkait dengan fenomena alam, dunia ilmiah, sosial-budaya, atau lainnya

Ciri kebahasaan yang ada dalam teks : simple action verbs; abstract nouns, misalnya word chopping, earthquakes; noun phrase, conjunctions of time dan cause; passive voice; present tense; abstract nouns, misalnya the temperature; misalnya the large cloud; kalimat pasif.

Generic structure explanation teks :
General statement – Explanation ( show the process/es ) – Closing.

Contoh :
How a Spider’s Web Forms
General Statement : A Spider web looks delicate but it is very strong. It can hold 4000 times a spider’s weight. But how does it form.
Explanation : First the spider spins a thread of silk. The thread gets blown over to a branch by teh wind. Then she makes another two threads and makes a Y shape. Next she makes more threads and they look like spokes off a wheel. Then the spider goes in a spiral, out and back in, sits in the middle and waits for food.
Closing : This is how a web is formed.
Contoh lain :
Venus Flytrap
The Venus Flytrap is an extraordinary plant. It is a carnivorous (flesh eating) plant which can digest flies and other insects.

When the ‘trap’ is open, it looks like a large seashell with sharp, spiky ‘teeth’. It has bright colours and a beautiful scent.

Insects are attracted to the plant because of its vibrant colours and its sweet-scented nectar. The insects land on small ‘trigger’ hairs of the trap and this pressure causes the trap to close. If the insect is too small, the chamber will not close, because there is not enough pressure. Once the trap has swallowed an insect it takes ten days to diggest it.

The Venus Flytrap prefers tropical weather and so it is found in places like South America. It is often used by people to catch the annoying insects that fly around their houses. In my opinion it’s very useful plant!

Contoh lain :

The Picher of Death
You may have heard of a plant called the Picher of Death. As you can probably tell by its name, it kills and eats insects. If you want to know how, read on!

To catch flies and other insects, this plant needs a bait and a trap. The bait in this case in nectar. The trap is the cup or ‘pitcher’ shaped leaves which have short hairs at the top to give the insect a sure foothold, but slippery hairs pointing downwards, so it can’t escape once it falls in. the other part of the trap is a digestive fluid inside the cup.

How it catches the insect is really quite simple. First the insect is attracted by the nectar. Then it slips on the smooth inner surface of the plant. Next it is forced downwards by the slippery hairs. Then it falls into the digestive fluid and is drowned.

An interesting fact about this plant is that the pitcher leaves can grow to the size of a fully grown adult’s hand.


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